Two young architects address how to attract more women into the profession during a Women's Leadership Summit in Minneapolis.
A first-time speaker snaps a quick photo of his audience before beginning his breakout session.
A breakout session attendee whispers a comment during an association conference in Atlanta.
Attendees at a Google Sandbox event in Minneapolis collaborate to solve a programming assignment.
As part of a leadership summit in Scottsdale, corporate managers write about how to inspire their employees.
A corporate trainer asks an open-ended question during a training session for new managers at a conference for planners in New Orleans.
A working session member makes a point by holding his colleague's hand at an association conference in Atlanta.
Massage therapists take a stretch break during a session at an AMTA conference in Minneapolis.
A speaker emphasizes his point during a small session at the National Planning Conference in Chicago.
A student and interviewer share a laugh during a mock job interview at an association conference in Atlanta.
A planning conference attendee in Los Angeles focusses on the speaker in a breakout session.
The audience for a HITEC breakout session waits for the session to begin.
There is nowhere to sit at an overflowing session of the National Planning Conference in Chicago.
Working session attendees perform a visualization exercise.
A team celebrates choosing a team name with a selfie.
Working session attendees collaborate on solving a problem at an association conference in Atlanta.
An association conference attendee in Atlanta asks a question from the audience.
An attendee asks a question during a breakout session at a leadership summit for the American Institute of Architects.
Two members of an association board during a board working session in Chicago.
A team of conference attendees work to finish their spaghetti marshmallow tower.
A planning student explains her research poster to a professional planner in Seattle.
A corporate conference attendee places her photo and quote reacting to a pending reorganization.
Attendees learn about revenue optimization during a breakout session at the HITEC Conference and Trade Show.
At an association conference in Seattle, two attendees list to a colleague during a breakout session.
A conference attendee in a breakout session in Seattle.
A professor from a local university reacts to an observation during a Faith & FInance seminar in Minneapolis.
During a hands-on training class at the Javits Center in New York, the instructor answers a question.
A corporate conference attendee in San Antonio, TX listens to a question from a colleague.
A member of a working session for women in the financial advising industry tries to ask a question without laughing.
An elevated view of a corporate working session, part of leadership summit in Scottsdale, AZ.
Two non-profit conference attendees compare the lego structures they built independently without looking at each other's work.
A room full of attorneys at a Continuing Legal Education seminar in St Paul.
A full breakout session at the HITEC conference in Minneapolis.
Two Google Sandbox event attendees listen to a Googler explain what life is like at Google.
A table of architects collaborate on a project during a working session at a Women's Leadership Summit in Minneapolis.
Breakout session attendees commit to future action with sticky notes containing plans for professional development.
A breakout session attendee reacts to a fellow attendee during the CLEAR conference in Minneapolis.
Two breakout session attendees at a corporate event in Arizona have fun with an interactive exercise.
In response to a speaker's question, an attendee raises his hand during the Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation conference in Minneapolis.