Joe Szurszewski is an experienced and award-winning industrial photographer based in Minneapolis. Working for national manufacturers, international engineering firms, and local contractors, Joe shoots photos that capture the beauty of the built environment and show the human determination and ingenuity that go into all sorts of construction, manufacturing, and engineering projects. Joe's clients use his photos in myriad ways, including submitting for (and winning) awards for their projects, creating beautiful marketing pieces (both printed and digital) for potential clients, and rewarding clients for their business with stunning large-format framed prints.

Joe knows that safety is paramount, so he owns all the necessary safety gear and is well-versed in safety protocols so that he can work safely and effectively on active construction sites. In addition, Joe is comfortable working in safety harnesses when shooting from all sorts of lifts and elevated vantage points. Joe also understands the pace and flow of complex engineering projects and does whatever is necessary to beautifully capture the project, the people working on it, and the context, all while staying safe and staying out of everyone’s way so that work continues uninterrupted.